An empath is someone who can feel other’s emotions as their own. They don’t just understand shifting-your-vibrationother’s pain or emotion, they can sense it within themselves as if it were their own emotion. Everyone has this ability, for some it’s naturally more enhanced than others. People generally tend to feel more comfortable and open around them because their energies feel accepted and welcome. What a relief it is when someone can understand you without you having to explain so much. You can feel at home with them.

Although it may be a gift and a blessing for people to have friends who are empathy, it can be quite trying and exhausting for empathy to handle all the energies of people and situations around them. Empathy tend to attract energy and people to them. Thus as an empath, we tend to feel exhausted and drained, sometimes feel other’s emotions as our own creating more complications and confusions in our lives.When we hold on to other’s emotions and energies, that’s when it becomes a problem.

Why do we hold on or retains other’s energies or emotions?

We hold on to it because we become attached to the other person. Their pain, their problem somehow becomes our problem. We take it on us to help them consciously or subconsciously. When they are not ready for the help, it brings us into a state of deep anguish as to why they want to stay in their problems. This creates even mores attachment and bonds leading to more bondage and in turn creates more problem for us. Their energy becomes stuck in our energy field.

We go on cleansing our energies with salt baths, aura protection, angel protection, Reiki, cord cutting and so much more. But in essence, it’s not their energy that’s a problem. It’s our attachment to their energy that is the real problem.

We want them to change, we take on their battles as our battles. They may even be contented in their comfort zones but we become miserable about their miseries. What we forget is that if they are miserable, they will do something about it. If they are not doing something about it, that means that misery is somehow in someway helping them. Maybe they are too scared to step out into the unknown from their comfort zones. Perhaps that misery is fulfilling one of their core needs (love, comfort, security, attention etc.) that their being doesn’t know how to fulfil in a healthy manner.

Love and compassion helps

In that state what they really need is love and compassion. Love is the antidote of fear. They are in intense fear of change and unknown. Only love can cure it.

Love and compassion only happen in non-attachment. If there is attachment, there can’t be love, only a a transaction and expectation. You can’t accept them the way they are. When there is no expectation and no attachment, love flows, compassion flows.

All you need is to be there for them in love and compassion. That is all they need. And when you are all love, no attachment, their energy won’t stick around you for long. It will flow through you. You will become an open channel for love, compassion and energy. Being an empath will then no longer be a burden but a gift.