Transformation Circle is a group healing methodology where the participant’s energy (concern) sets the direction and tone for the healing process and in-turn it acts as the catalyst for the transformation/healing of the whole group. Connected through a single theme, we explore different areas/concerns that trouble the participants and work on healing and resolving them using tools like EFT, NLP and Energy Healing.

transformationBe it an issue regarding relationships, health, career or the deep inner pain, we all face these situations that seem so out of hand and uncontrolled. For some it could even be amplified though full blown anxiety or/and depression, for others it could be just manageable but can make some moments of your life feel miserable. What if it is possible to get rid of this constant pain? What if you could be free to live the life you always dreamt of with happiness and growth?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Energy Healing methodologies have the key to heal any and every challenge you face. These ‘power-tools’ help you to re-route brain’s Neuro-pathways and build self-worth, so you can finally climb out of the self-defeating, deeply-dug trenches that are keeping you disabled. These ‘power-tools’ have been clinically proven to reduce stress, trauma and other physiological and psychological problems.

Why Group healing

The group acts as a sacred space where you can be open and honest about your deepest feeling and issues. The group usually involves people who are on different planes of personal growth and different personality. Many a times it’s hard to exactly verbalize and pinpoint the challenge you are facing. However, it becomes easy when someone who is already working on it and is little open brings the issue up and the healing process for the whole group happens.

Your presence and openness to work along the group flow is enough for the healing to happen. The energy of the group acts as a catalyst to bring the issues out in the open and the facilitators guide you in healing them then and there. That’s the power of the Transformation Circle group healing.

How TC Works

Using a particular theme, the group explores the core reason for various issues that individual participants are facing in that area of their life. We go straight to the heart of the issue in each session gently and safely. The facilitator guides the participants into the healing process and uses NLP, EFT and Energy Healing interventions to heal these issues.

This is an experiential workshop where the participants give and receive sessions to each other under the guidance of the facilitators. This gives you a deeper understanding and experience of the processes that enables you to continue on your healing journey as well. Along with the healing, these sessions are also educative as we explore and understand the underlying dynamics and the core issues about the theme.

It is a growth-oriented, healing methodology that aims to assist you in growing a healthy, emotionally independent, rock-solid sense of Self. It’s a holistic approach to ending pain and healing, which encompasses your mind, body and spirit–because if we don’t respond to all three parts of you, we’re neglecting two-thirds of that pie. It works to achieve healing on various levels, because if the mind and spirit maintain disharmony, it’s not long before the body reflects it!

Transformation Circle assists you with gaining a solid emotional education, so you can begin to understand your Self, and others. It helps you comprehend why you’ve acted in the ways you have, and the basis of your self-sabotaging behaviours and patterns. It goes directly to the core of these issues, and helps you dismantle them, once and for all.

Our lack of abundance, prosperity or love is merely a symptom of far deeper issues. When our foundation is weak/crumbling, any structures we build on it cannot remain intact. Transformational Circle brings about tangible, foundational change. You’ll be using self-worth building exercises and strategies that help you build a strong/sturdy personal foundation, so that self-sabotaging behaviors and faulty beliefs can be dismantled and eliminated.

You will realize that the power of your life is in your hand. You also get to experience and learn the tools that enable you to manage and resolve issues in your hand. The sessions are enlightening, motivating, something to think about, and something that inspire action to make a change. It’s about helping you thrive, rather than just survive or feel “okay” about your life.

Manu Panicker and Meetu Sehgal
Life Coach and Trainers