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Every New Year we talk about new life and resolutions. How about this year we talk of going within and creating a New Me. It may sound like a boring or difficult idea, but in fact, once you start doing it, it feels like the best thing you ever did.

The journey of self-discovery isn’t about being serious and sitting silently. It’s about actively participating in your life. It is about living each moment so intensely and in awareness that there is no regret about any moment in life.

Self-discovery is a journey into awareness. You might ask, “Am I not aware?”
Awareness that I am talking about is total. It where you can watch your thought, your thoughts and intentions behind your thoughts, your emotions as they arise without getting involved and your overall patterns that exist within each of us.

Creating a New You involves not just doing new things but thinking in a new way.

Albert Einstein said, “Crazy is the one who thinks the same things and expects different results every time.”

Newness and a different perspective in thoughts – make it a mantra this year. It is important to look within rather than outside you towards situations and other people. If you feel irritated in a situation or with someone, ask yourself, what about this is making me feel irritated?

Begin to differentiate people from their behaviour. It is not people but their energy or behaviour that may affect you. Focus on that because chances are, its only affecting or triggering you.

Ask yourself, “What about that behaviour or that thing is triggering or affecting me?”

The more you do this, the more you will find changes happening in your life.
1. Relationships will begin to improve with people where it was easy to have conflicts
2. You will begin to find peace in the middle of arguments and mental games, as they will stop affecting you as much.
3. You will begin to see through the drama that is being created around you that cause so much confusion and chaos.
4. You will feel life becoming so much simpler as you will begin to take your power back towards you – you will take back your remote control from other people into your hands.

Just this one change – one question

“What about this is affecting me?”

It is enough to change your life.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2017
Lots of Love

Meetu Sehgal