It’s amazing how our body responds to the way we think and feel about our self and the world around. Just think about what your posture is like when you are feeling low and depressed. Your body is slumped, bent, bloated (for some) and you feel like you are dragging yourself. Now imagine how your body behaves when you are optimistic, happy and enthusiastic – your posture is upright, shoulders stretched back and when you walk, it seems like you are gliding. There is a spring in your step and a beaming radiance on your face.mood-swings

Our moods affect our body greatly. And if you are a woman, chances are, you have gone through mood swings at one point or another in your life, especially when experiencing PMS (Pre Menstrual Stress) or menopause. It sometimes feels like we are no more in control of our lives and more frustratingly, our body and moods. It becomes especially troublesome when one goes through the roller coaster of mood swings more than once a month.

The underlying cause may be fatigue — and if you’re having hot flashes or insomnia, you are very fatigued! But it can also be the sudden shifts in hormonal balance. There’s usually nothing wrong with you that you can’t fix by taking better care of yourself.

Here are a few tried and tested tips to handle the mood swings effectively.

1. Hot Water Bath
There is nothing more refreshing than a hot water bath. Whenever you feel your moods fluctuating or feel depressed, take a hot water bath. You can add sea salt and/or jasmine essential oil to the water. It is beneficial for mood swings related to PMS.


2. Watch What You Eat
There are foods which naturally life your moods. Avoid caffeine (coffee, chocolates) as they give you a high initially but plunge the moods further into depression later. Eat less of refined carbohydrates like candy, cookies, and white flour. The golden rule is “eat often and eat light.” Some mood boosters are fresh fruits and vegetables (avoid frozen ones), nuts and seeds, beans, legumes, bananas and oranges. Vitamin B12 is helpful in boosting moods. It is normally found in milk and milk products besides non-vegetarian food. For vegans, it is advised to eat B12 fortified foods.3. Physical Activity
Whether it’s a formal session at the gym, a walk with the dog, engaging in a sport or just playing with your kids, getting up and moving will boost your mood and energy level. Regular yoga has been very helpful in controlling mood swings in the long run.  Chemical reactions in the brain are one of the major reasons that you feel the brain boosting benefits of exercise. The endorphins that are produced by the brain during intense exercise cause the brain to respond as positively as they would with euphoric drugs. It is advised to begin with light exercise like walking as it tones your system. Enjoy your walks, it works even better.

4. Breathe
Take a break from your home or office to get some air and sunshine. Most of the time, because we aren’t aware of the breaths we take, we breathe very shallowly. Consciously focusing on your breathing and taking deep breaths can relieve stress and control mood swings.

5. Sleep
Never compromise on your beauty sleep, even on weekends. Some people need up to 6 hours of sleep. Others may need 7-9 hours. The important thing is you consistently get the sleep you need.

6. Do What You Like
Whether it’s watching a movie, or listening to music, chatting with a friend or taking a much-needed break from work and your regular routine. When you come back to yourPicture work, you will be more efficient and productive.

7. Meditate
You can try meditating to uplift your mood. Meditation raises your vibrations and releases feel good chemicals in your body. You can try guided meditations to begin with. Choose a quiet serene place, preferably a garden to riverside if you have access to it. Otherwise a corner in your room will be a good place to start with. Put on a cd of guided meditation with gentle music and follow the instructions of the narrator.8Dance
Dancing away your blues is a very well known and effective means to beat the blues. If you are not trained in dance or believe that you have two left feet, you can put on some music you enjoy and dance in your own private space.

Cooking as a very interesting activity and when you are bored, you can get yourself involved in trying a new recipe. Watching something being created and changing in front of you gives a sense of satisfaction. Also cooking involves working with food articles, which contain abundant earth energy that grounds you and makes your emotions stable.

Cuddle or play with your furry companions. There is nothing more enjoyable than having a cute little pet look into your eyes. It melts away all the emotional build up in a matter of seconds. The secret to this is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that animals offer to everyone.

11Fake It
It is said that if you fake a smile and a happy mood for a few minutes, it is highly likely your mood will change. So the next time you are sad or feeling cranky, start acting out your favourite mood or actor and see the magic.

12Honour Your Emotions
It is important to understand that emotions are the language with which the soul communicates with the body. If you truly intend to listen to your emotions, they will also give you the guidance about why they are here and how to handle them. Emotions are Energy in Motion (e-motion). They themselves will provide you the necessary energy and momentum to bring about a change.13. Create A List Of What Works For You
Try out different things which work as mood boosters for you. Make it into a list. So next time whenever you face the mood swings, you can leap into your list and pick an item which worked for you and seems right at this moment.

14. Energy Drain
If you are experiencing mood swings after you met someone or after having been to a negative or harsh environment, you may have picked up negative vibes or energies which means that the emotions you are experiencing are not your own. It is someone else’s energy stuck in your aura. The best way to clean your aura is by taking a salt-water bath. If you cannot do that, you can smudge your aura with burning incense sticks or sage.

15Hug a Tree
If nothing works, go hug a tree. It is an amazing experience hugging trees as they give us unconditionally and never demand anything. Hugging a tree will ground you in an instant and make you feel loved. It will also cleanse your aura.

If the mood swings are severe, persistent and create suicidal tendencies and wanting to hurt oneself or others, please see a physician. The mood swings could be a symptom of a medical condition.

Originally Published in Kaleidoscope Ezine