Energy Vampires or negative people can be found in all walks of life everyday. Your encounter with them(brief or sustained) can leave you feeling drained and negative. Here is a simple technique to protect your energies from them.

Step 1: Imagine a sturdy plant in front of you in your aura (your energy field) facing the other person. This is the negativity eating plant that thrives on negative energy.

Step 2: Imagine this plant eating all the negative energy that this person is sending your way as they speak to you or are present in front of you. The plant begins to grow and get bulkier as it eats the energy which is its food.

Step 3: Now send this plant to the person whose energy it was eating. Imagine it as giving them a gift of their own energy.

If you do this, you will not feel drained or negative and the other person will receive what they have been giving out and this will bring more consciousness to them. So it actually works as giving them a gift of consciousness. You will find more such techniques in my workshop on “How to Survive and Grow Being an Empath.”