It is winter solstice on 21st December when the sun is furthest from earth and it is longest night or shortest day. It is a time for hibernation, I.e. going within to meditate and contemplate. 

Solstice brings intense energies and opens portals for change. This is time for meditation and contemplation. Going against the flow os energies and trying to be active when you body wants to go into rest and meditation, creates problems.

This solstice will bring up stuff that has been bothering you subtly since some time. You may be feeling tired, cranky or foggy. Mood swings are a part of this energy shift. Here are a few things you can do to use this energy shift in the best possible manner.

5 simple tips to cleanse and balance your energies this winter solstice

1. Take it Easy

Just like nature, our body also follows natural rhythms and cycles. There are times for activity and there are times for rest. Learn to recognise your rhythm and flow with it. Whenever you go against your rhythm, you put your body and mind in stress. So when its a high energy time for you, you will feel motivated and energetic to complete tasks and start new ventures or projects. When its low energy time (or yin energy time), you will feel like resting and sleeping more, wanting more quiet and alone time. This is a time for meditation, reading, resting and taking it easy. 

2. Self Care

Contrary to what most people believe, self care is not about indulging yourself. It is about taking care of yourself as you would take care of your loved ones. Indulge in some self care by being gentle to yourself, forgiving yourself for not completing tasks that you had wanted to, giving your body food that it needs whether its chocolates or boiled and steamed food. Listen to your body. Your body always talks to you. It tells you when you need rest, activity, food, the kind of food etc. 

3. Grounding

It is easy to feel ungrounded during intense energy shifts. A sign of feeling ungrounded is feeling spaced out, drained, dizzy, heaviness in the head, unclear thinking and feeling scattered. Grounding helps you feel steady, calmer and present in the moment. Some simple ways to ground yourself are to eat something warm, walking barefoot on the grass, deep breathing, visualisation technique where you imagine yourself like a tree with roots growing from your feet going into the earth. You can listen to my grounding meditation audio here.

4. Meditation 

Meditation during this time will really help you in settling down and also using the energies of the solstice to enhance your own energies. Choose any time of the day, preferably when you won’t be disturbed. 

  • Sit in a quiet place, light a candle, take three deep cleansing breaths and imagine a bubble of white light of protection around you. 
  • Focus on the light of the candle for a few moments, then close your eyes and imagine that light within your heart or between your eyebrows in your third eye, whichever feels right for you. 
  • Hold steady attention on the light and imagine that light expanding and filling up your body such that it starts overflowing into your aura. Hold this visualisation for a few moments. 
  • Then breathing gently, allow the light to come back into your heart or third eye. 
  • Gently and slowly open your eyes and drink a glass of water to let the energies settle in your body.

5. Cut your cords

This is also a time to clear clutter from your life – physically and psychically. Declutter your home by letting go of stuff which is broken or no longer needed and also things that you haven’t used in the last 6 months. To clear psychic clutter, cut your cords with things and people that are no longer healthy for you and your growth. Whenever we interact with objects or people, energetic cords are formed. It is important to clear these cords to keep your energies clear and light. For this simply imagine that object or person, with whom you need to disconnect, in front of you. Notice or imagine cords between you and them. Imagine a sword in your hand and cut the cords with that sword. You can read the detailed process in my blog here.

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