Meetu Sehgal

A Blog about Self-Discovery, the Journey of Healing and a New Perspective on Life, Relationships and all that matters.


I am a Life Coach, Trainer, Healer and Tarot Reader. Having a degree in MBA and Psychology, I have been passionately working with individuals helping them resolve health, wealth and relationship challenges since the last 7 years. I am trained in EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Hypnosis and Breakthrough coaching and healing modalities like Reiki, Magnified Healing and Angel Therapy.

In this blog I share personal experiences of my inner work and the insights gained while working with my clients. These experiences and insights can act as guidelines for the readers in their own personal growth journey. The intent is to help people become more conscious and aware in their everyday life,

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Call: 09953753637

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